Lyon Method NYC Course

Lyon Method NYC Course

Advanced Scoliosis and Sagittal Plane Training
Mechanics and Treatment Concepts for Bracing and Therapy for JIS, AIS and ASD.

By Dr. Jean Claude de Mauroy, MD (Expert and Founder of SOSORT, Head of Orthopaedic Medicine Department, Clinique du Parc France)

Start your journey into the oldest method of treatment for Scoliosis, the Lyon method. Dr. Jean Claude de Mauroy is a complete visionary and expert in the field of Scoliosis. This is the first step towards introducing the Lyon method into your Physiotherapy treatment for Scoliosis. This method originated in Lyon France, and was the first method to make the sagittal plane its speciality. This course was designed by Dr. Jean Claude de Mauroy, to carefully synthesise his 48 years of experience in Scoliosis. It was organised and recorded by Dr. Hagit Berdishevsky in New York in early 2020 and was a huge success!

You will cover:
• the fundamentals of the Lyon Method
• bipedalism and tensegrity
• etiopathogeny and Chaos Theory
• biomehanics of Scoliosis
• Scoliosis in daily practice ranging from the small to larger curves
• managing and protecting sagittal Isostatic balance
• considerations of Spondylolisthesis
• bracing and Physiotherapy in the Lyon Method.

This course includes:
• Twelve video recordings for you to watch with approximately 9.5 hours of content all at your computer!
• A massive handout of slides!
• A printout of the Sagittalometer and instructions for use
• 6 links to additional videos.

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Lyon Method NYC Course